What is AlloPatch?
What is AlloPatch?

AlloPatch Pliable is an acellular human dermal graft designed to support host tissue remodeling.1 It has an open architecture derived from a deeper cut in the dermal tissue and is aseptically processed to preserve the graft’s natural structure and function.

Ideal for both acute and chronic wounds.



• Burns
• Penetrating


• Skin cancer treatments
• Scar revisions


• Venous ulcers
• Diabetic foot ulcers
• Pressure (decubitus) ulcers
• Vascular (arterial) ulcers


Easy to use, designed for wound procedures.

Ready, right out of the package. With AlloPatch Pliable, there’s no rehydration needed. It comes pre-hydrated right in the package, so it’s ready when you are, with no lost OR time.

Available in multiple sizes to optimally match wound size, with little or no waste. 

Stores easily. No freezing or refrigeration needed. AlloPatch Pliable needs only ambient storage and lasts up to three years on the shelf.

Flexible, thin sheet conforms to anatomy and maintains surface area contact.

Two things that make allopatch unique.
Two things that make allopatch unique.


grey-1An open architecture derived from a deeper cut in the dermal tissue. The open, uniform, collagen matrix brings faster graft incorporation and supports repopulation and revascularization in the host tissue.

AlloPatch Collagen Matrix

grey-2Aseptic processing that preserves the graft’s natural flexible structure and function and offers direct compatibility to host extracellular matrix (ECM). Using harsh chemicals or sterilization methods can alter or impair the healing process.* MTF does not use terminal sterilization.

How does allopatch support the healing process?
How does allopatch support the healing process?

Provides Support in Every Phase of the Natural Healing Process. 

Normal wound healing consists of three consecutive and overlapping phases:1,2,3


AlloPatch Pliable contains key biological components known in literature
to facilitate in these phases and support long-term remodeling

AlloPatch Pliable’s open architecture…

means quicker incorporation and vascularization4 in the inflammation and proliferation phase, where host cells can easily adhere to both sides.

To continue to support the proliferation phase, AlloPatch Pliable offers 5X greater cell attachment on the epidermal side; 2X for dermal compared to competitive ADMs. Greater cell attachment = faster tissue incorporation.4


AlloPatch Pliable’s aseptic processing…

preserves the natural tissue scaffold and the integrity of the tissue in the remodeling phase. This means the graft is more stable and supports long-term remodeling at similar rates as the unprocessed, native tissue.


Ordering information.
Ordering information.


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*Data on file at MTF

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