Making wound care better, for everyone.®

Wound care is often a frustrating, costly, and lengthy process.
As wound care professionals, we all want good outcomes for our patients.
To help achieve that, we develop and offer highly advanced wound care
solutions that are safe, clinically based, cost-effective, and work in
concert with the body’s natural healing process.


MTF Wound Care is a division of the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), dedicated to making wound care better, for everyone. As the nation’s leading tissue bank founded and governed by physicians, MTF changes lives by connecting donors with surgeons and transplant recipients. 


Since 1987, we are proud to have provided allograft leadership together with 47 academic members and more than 27 recovery partners. In addition, we have:

  • Maintained high industry standards and an exemplary safety rating
  • Recovered more than 115,000 donors and distributed more than 7 million grafts
  • Provided targeted support in selecting the ideal allograft from our extensive portfolio, which includes more than 850 allograft choices
  • Served more than 4,000 customers nationwide


MTF is proud to bring this level of clinical excellence and expertise to the wound care community.

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